Web Sites, Projects, and Web Applications

2011 - Mentalshots (re-launched) (www.MentalShots.com)

Re-launched as a WordPress blog of creativity in all forms. It's a curated collection of small but potent doses of food for thought. Posts include photography, technology, philosophy, humor, extreme sports, design, and anything else I think is interesting. Go ahead - slap your brain!

2010 - Daily Chess Puzzles (www.DailyChessPuzzles.com)

Similar to Classic Lyrics Daily, Daily Chess Puzzles is a 'Page-a-Day Calendar'-like website where you can subscribe to receive a challenging chess problem via email or RSS every weekday. Keep score of how you're doing, and exchange comments with other chess players. Plus you can submit your own chess scenarios and get feedback on your strategy.

2009 - Classic Lyrics Daily (www.ClassicLyricsDaily.com)

a 'Page-a-Day Calendar'-like site that tests your knowledge of classic rock, pop, and country song lyrics. Subscribe to have the daily lyrics challenges sent to you by email, RSS, or Twitter. Classic Lyrics Daily allows you to listen to the music, read the full lyrics and read interesting trivia about each classic song.

2009 - Mental Shots (www.MentalShots.com)

contains thought-provoking, satrical, and/or funny quotes, questions, comments and ideas.

2008 - Inside on a Sunny Day (www.InsideOnASunnyDay.com)

will be the home of all of the stuff that I think the world might find interesting, funny, wierd, etc., etc...

2008 - CSI: Mpls (www.CSI-Mpls.com)

the home of the "best damn IT consulting firm in the whole world"

2008 - Celebrity Websites Directory (www.CelebrityWebsitesDirectory.com)

a searchable list of every celebrity forum, blog, news site, photos listing, fan site, reference guides, and index. It is a sister site to FamousHookups.com

2008 - Vote For BO08 (www.VoteForBO08.com)

a quick and dirty site I built to see if we could sell some t-shirts based on a joke about Barack Obama (BO) running for President of the United States in 2008 ('08)

2008 - Breakup Central (www.BreakupCentral.com)

a celebrity reference site specializing in the breakups of all of the celebrities, famous people, and Hollywood-types. It is a sister site to FamousHookups.com

2007 - Brian Balestri's Linked In Career Profile

originally a website built in 2003, but replaced by Linked In in 2007

2006 - Famous Hookups (www.FamousHookups.com)

the ultimate celebrity relationship database - plus gossip, news, breakups, and affairs. It is the flagship website in a joint venture with a long-time friend and co-worker.

2004 - Daily Chess Challenges (a sub-site of Balestris.com)

a chess site I created that offers daily chess puzzles with hints

2004 - When R U Free (sub-site of Balestris.com)

an events scheduling application to help people figure out what day works for eveyone in the group

2003 - My Network (sub-site of Balestris.com)

a combination database of links, notes, and contacts, AND an early version of LinkedIn.com

2002 - Class of 1982 20-year Reunion Website (sub-site of Balestris.com)

a quick and dirty reunion website alternative to Classmates.com

2001 - Danny and Julia's Favorite Games Page

a list of kid-friendly sites with games the kids liked to play

2000 - Schedule Events Calendar (defunct)

my first attempt at an events scheduling application

1999 - Online Personal Information Manager (defunct)

my first attempt at an online personal information manager

1997 - CSI Consulting (defunct)

my first attempt at a intranet for CenterPoint Systems

1996 - AllPoints Feedback (www.AllPointsFeedback.com) (sold)

the website I built to sell AllPoint Feedback Softwarethe 360 degree feedback employee performance review software company I sold in 2005

1996 - CenterPoint Systems (www.CenterPointSystems.com) (defunct)

was created as a reference site about 360 degree feeback employee performance reviewsbuilt to direct traffic to AllPointsFeedback.com

1996 - Investment Contest (sub-site of Balestris.com)

my very first website, built to support my yearly Investment Contests


Development stuff

a list of scripts, tricks, and widgets that I want to remember how to do

SkyWay Map

a PDF map of downtown Minneapolis